Zine Showcase #19

Jason Niebauer
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Lost in the Jungle // $4.00 + shipping

Jason Niebauer's work is big, bright, bold and deliciously playful; Lost in the Jungle is a 20 page black and white illustration/photography zine printed in a limited run of 50 copies. Not only is the cover colour-way fantastic (teal and yellow; such a perfect combination!), the paper-cut cover gives this zine a little something extra. I highly recommend purchasing one of Jason Niebauer's zines.

Pa! pA!
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Wait for the Summer #1 // £2 + shipping

Wait for the Summer features an international festival guide for the summer months; filled with fantastic collages, illustrations, photography and a free DVD. Whilst not a festival-goer myself the illustration work alone is enough for me to get enthusiastic about this zine - just check out that front cover artwork.

Hannah Sheehan
Undestructable #1 // $2 + shipping

Made as part of the 24 Hour Zine Thing, Undestructable crams a whole heap of cut-and-paste content into this quarter-sized zine. Catharsis and creativity meets to form articles on (seemingly random) subjects like rubber cement art, pregnancy rants, ditching technology and gender synaesthesia (to name a few). For a zine made in 24 hours, Undestructable lacks nothing.. and my copy came with a free friendship bracelet!

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