Zine Showcase #21

Jessee John
Chalk Thoughts :: $5 + shipping

This handmade, 20 page colour photographic zine has encouraged me to get back into zine making. The style of Chalk Thoughts is inspiring; from the rough edges (machine-sewn binding) to the mixed-media photography to the (overly emotional) quotes and half filled pages - everything pulls together and looks outstandingly supreme.

Kaori Mitsushima
Website :: Shop
Cats I Know :: $5 + shipping

Cats, cats, cats! 44 black and white cat illustrations pulled from the blog of Kaori Mitsushima. Cats - what more could you possibly want?

Philip Dearest
DeviantArt :: Shop
Off My Meds :: $6 + shipping

Philip Dearest stopped taking his medication and this is the "vulgar, weird and wonderful" result. Off My Meds includes 37 illustrations with a cover design by Karl Kwasny. Thankfully Philip sent me several zines (and one of the best cover letters I have ever received) because I cannot get enough of his alarmingly frantic, absolutely brilliant illustration work. The perverse meets sexual deviancy meets internal angst, producing the most sordid (and wickedly delightful) zine. Buy it!

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